A 19 year old English missionary serving in the Utah, Salt Lake City East mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, suffered a a severe allergic reaction and was in critical condition. He has now woken up from his induced coma and he’s called his mom in the UK. Doctors in Salt Lake will continue to monitor his progress.

“I have just had the best phone call in the world. The phone rings, I answer and am told there is someone here who wants to talk to you. Hearing Aaron’s voice was the best sound on earth. Thanks you, from June, Aaron, Luke, Rachel, Ruth and me, for all the prayers and well wishes. I believe in miracles!”

Elder Aaron Graydon, from Newcastle-upon-tyne, UK suffered the severe allergic reaction which caused his airways to close and his lungs to spasm after a dinner appointment, reported his mom, June Graydon.

Elder Graydon’s companion shared this version of events

“Saturday we were over eating at a family’s house who are all from Africa when all of a sudden my companion said that we needed to leave immediately.

So as we got out of there as soon as we could I found out that he was having an allergic reaction and we figured that the family had used some kind of nut because that’s what he is allergic to.  Well long story short, after about 45 minutes after the meal he was gradually getting worse and I received probably one of the strongest promptings that I have ever had in my life to call emergency services.

After the phone call and a real quick ambulance trip to the hospital within an hour and a half of arriving to the hospital my companion was in a medically induced coma, on life support, and in the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital.  It all happened so fast that I honestly felt like the worst nightmare i have ever experienced in my life.

After I had been standing there alone in complete shock for some time our amazing stake president arrived and we were able to give Elder Graydon a priesthood blessing and it is one of the most special experiences that i have ever had.”

Before leaving on his mission Aaron was a big sports fan and a keen athlete, one of his goals is to be a runner at the olympics.

His dad and brother, from Newcastle-upon-tyne, UK have flown out to see Elder Graydon today.

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  1. mary Philippines

    IH my god! Is he okay now!?? Since today..I will ask all the missionaries who will be assign in my ward..if they’re allergic to something..I always prepare food for them,and I didn’t ask them if they have allergy to something..as for now nothing like these happen to my ward..but I will take note to first ask missionaries what they don’t like..this is helpful,I wish that elder get well soon,I’ll pray for his quick recovery.. 🙁


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