Millions of people see one missionary’s unique teaching approach.

In 2007 Elder Garcia spotted an opportunity to help a street performer who looked tired and under appreciated. He had no idea that in five years the video would go viral. Being viewed, shared, tweeted, reposted over 3,000,000 times and covered by ABC, UK Telegraph, FOX, Los Angeles Times, Glen Beck’s TheBlaze, Huffington post, to name just a few.

Before his Mission Gustavo Garcia was taught himself how to dance after seeing some street dancers at a New Years Eve party.

“I remember thinking, one day, I want to dance like them, after that I spent thousands of hours in front of my parent’s master bedroom mirror”.

At the time of the video Elder Garcia was serving in the Barcelona Spain mission. He was in his first area, which included “Las Ramblas”, a market style environment where thousands of people from all over the world went to visit.

“My companion at the time, Jason Smith and I were on our preparation day. We noticed a very unhappy ‘Michael Jackson’ who was not getting the tips he thought he deserved. During one of his breaks we offered to talk with him to cheer him up, but he refused. I then challenged him to dance. I said, ‘If I can out dance you, will you give us 10 minutes of your time?’ He accepted the challenge. We ‘dance battled’.

He was super excited and said ‘I’ll give you 20 minutes to talk to me if you do a skit with me?’ By that point I knew I had his attention, so we settled at 30 minutes of talking for one skit. That’s the video the world has seen on YouTube. (If you haven’t seen it, click the video below)

I was thinking that this would open up an opportunity to teach one man, it drew a crowd of two hundred plus people. We made lots of contacts that day.”

Garcia hopes that this video will help show the world that Mormons are “normal” people that do “normal” things. “All we were trying to do is share what has enriched our lives and has blessed us so much”, he explained.

He wants missionaries all over the world to realize that the Lord has blessed them all with unique talents and abilities that The Lord can use as tools to reach people, who ordinarily, might not listen.

Now returned from his two year mission, Brother Gustavo Garcia is married with three children and is currently finishing his degree at UVU whilst working as a combat medic for the US Army.

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    Muchas gracias Mission Geek. I also served in this mission. I have shared this on one of my mission pages. Good to know the story behind the video 🙂


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