BREAKING NEWS: Church Announces Another Mission Age Change

Just to note this was an April fools joke. So, in other words, it’s supposed to be funny, not a serious article. 

A recent press conference has announced a second ‘mission age change’ in just three years. Church officials in Salt Lake City, lead by those of the Missionary Executive Committee made the announcement in response to a backlash of criticism aimed at the ‘one year’ gap between the age eligibility of Elders and Sisters. This new decision addresses the issue with an “at equal age” policy.

Sister Missionaries will now be able to leave for missions as soon as they have “completed their high school certificate or equivalent”. The news has been welcomed by Utah’s fair opportunity group and woman’s rights groups around the world.

This will mean that in some countries, sisters will have the opportunity of leaving for missions as young as 16. With this in mind it was also announced that church curriculum’s would “reflect the need to prepare these sisters much earlier”, “introducing Preach My Gospel as a Primary class resource”.

One Sunday School teacher expressed her concern over the announcement saying “If we are going to have to put up with this April fools joke for one more second, I’m going to have to write to the department of humour and have Mission Geek personally struck off”.

It is expected that Sisters around the world will be relieved of the inaccuracy of this article.




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    I am not super good at english but, what’s that mean? Sisters are able to serve mission at the same age as Elders?


        Hahaha thanks for clearing this out, i was confused.
        But your blog is awesome, i am a daily reader and i love it ! 🙂

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