The race was on to account for the final missionaries on the island of Tanna, after the devastating effects of hurricane Pam, just two days ago. The missionaries serving in the Vanuatu Mission, South Pacific had been advised by Mission President, Larry Brewer, to “move to the safest location in each respective island” well before the cyclone arrived.

As of yesterday, every missionary was accounted for, except those serving on the small island of Tanna, which had been cut off from communicating by the worse storm in the history of the island. 

President Brewer confirmed earlier today that after more than 48 hours of waiting, he’d just heard news that all missionaries in the mission, including those on Tanna island were safe. He is travelling out to Tanna island today on chartered plane to assess the damage, recommend humanitarian aid and bring those eleven missionaries to the safety of the main island.

A Facebook group has been formed for friends and family to get minute by minute updates on the accounting of loved ones in Vanuatu. It’s named ’Vanuatu Cylcone PAM 2015’.

Read more about the church’s efforts in the region here:

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