20 Powerful Mission Photos

Every year my parents would set up an old projector screen and show 35mm slides of their missions. As a young boy, it was awesome.

Almost 20 years on I had this idea to try and find inspirational mission photos from around the whole world. I had no clue how long it would take to compile them, and how many people wanted to get involved. So, THANK YOU to everyone for your photos. If I knew then how long it would take… LOL.

So enjoy some of the most inspirational, ‘get you in the mood’ for mission prep, mission photos I could find. Just imagine yourself in the shoes of these Elders and Sisters, one day this could be you. There are some great stories here, read description below each one and share them with people who need a pick up, some motivation, a reason to keep preparing.





snow missionary

A missionary in Finland takes a new path to find people to teach




Elders in the West Indies confer the Priesthood.




An Elder in the Philippines walking along the edge of his area.



DSC00670A Sister Missionary in Peru reads the Book of Mormon to her investigator.



Kakinada India-0280

Missionaries in India make a ‘street’ contact.




Elders in Chile brave the snow to teach



Hooson or Jest Guadeloupe

Elders in Guadeloupe turn back at a baptism to hear members singing hymns



Aug 31 5 min hike

Elders in Tonga climb stairs to do studies in peace



reducedBaptisms15Rosig Missionaries and converts celebrate their Baptism in the muddy, dirty waters of Guiana




Missionaries on their first day in Liberia greet local kids




Missionaries in Vanuatu build a temporary chapel for their brand new congregation of… a whole tribe.



levine hospital missionaires sing

Missionaries in Utah sing for Sister Levine who was in a coma after being hit by a car.




13 + 14




Elders emerging from the metro on their first day in Italy, doing some street contacting




Missionaries in Honduras talking to families on the street

Credit: Kristin Klein




Missionaries in India do nightly planning in a power cut




Missionaries in Russia cut through the ice for a baptism




Missionaries in Samoa help the relief effort after Cyclone Evan.



Alice Elder Clark

An Elder in Perth Australia talks with a local aboriginal man.



home missionary


An Elder returns after two years of dedicated service

Taking awesome photos is great, but even more important is learning how to be the best missionary possible. One Secret Every Missionary Needs to Know: here


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  1. Laura De La Cruz

    Loved this photos, I actually teared up a little because I’m almost leaving to my mission in Mexico, Mexico city North mission and I’m so excited I could jump in one leg! I love this gospel, I know this is true and the joy and excitement that I feel for sharing the gospel confirms it every single day. I truly hope everyone who is in the age and its also capable to serve to do it because that will be the best experience of our lives

    • Christopher

      Laura, I served in Mexico City North also… please let me know if you would like to chat about any questions you may have about the area. Hope to talk to you soon. Look me up on Facebook (“Christopher Coleman” – Redondo Beach) and from there if you want to chat I can send you my phone # in a PM.

  2. Katrina Yarber

    These are amazing and very touching! Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to put them together and share with everyone!

  3. Jasmine

    No pude evitar las lagrimas, de saber que soy parte de esta historia misional.

    • Thomas Swain

      Muchas gracias. Me encantan estas fotos también. Gracias por compartir. Salud.

      Her comment translated: I could not help the tears, knowing that I am part of this missionary history

      • Gerald Fuller

        That is not what I thought was the correct translation. It is not what a translating program on my computer said. Here is what I think is more correct:

        “Thank you very much . I love these pictures too . Thanks for sharing . Health.”

      • Gerald Fuller

        I regret my comment. I misread yours.

  4. Forrest Phelps-Cook


    You may not see the
    seed you plant
    grow up to be a tree,
    You may not see a life
    you’ve changed,
    or the spirit you set free.

    But your Father
    up in heaven knows,
    He counts each
    loving touch.
    He promises you
    all eternity….
    and a love
    ten times that much.

    So go on planting
    seeds each day,
    reach out to
    those who cry;
    for God will move
    your mountain
    if you have
    truly tried.

    © Forrest Phelps-Cook

    • Melody Witehira

      Thankyou Forest Phelps Cook, Your poem has lighten my day ahead and has motivated me to get back into this form of sharing. Inspiring Poetry has the ability to melt the hardest heart and to heal the wounded heart and soul. A gift I have neglected and you have inspired me to uplift again. Thank you soo much.

    • Melody Witehira

      Hi there again, Sorry I forgot to ask you if I could share your poem at our Stake Young womens camp next week-end. We have organised a MTC themed camp (mini mission)
      for our 14-18 yrs old girls and I am speaking at the Sacrament service. Thanking you in advance. Melody

    • Thomas Swain

      “Hi there again, Sorry I forgot to ask you if I could share your poem at our Stake Young womens camp next week-end. We have organised a MTC themed camp (mini mission)
      for our 14-18 yrs old girls and I am speaking at the Sacrament service. Thanking you in advance. Melody”
      [email protected]

    • Alejandra Lords

      I love this how can I get a copy ? To keep with me so I can read it and reread constantly as an inspiring quote

  5. Daniel Cottrell

    I am the elder without a suit on in picture 10, it was our firsy day but we were actually in Liberia. Thanks for this, it is great!

  6. Judy Mitchell

    I really enjoyed the pictures, it brought that spiritual feeling of going about the Lord’s work…domo arigato (Japanese) and ahehee’ (Navajo)

  7. SonoIo

    Loved the pictures of the missionaries climbing the stairs to the Duomo area in Milan. I did that many times myself as a missionary in Milan nearly 30 years ago. I still remember it vividly and think about it almost daily.

    • Sarah

      Anch’io! I loved seeing Milan among these fantastic pictures. I was in the Italy Milan mission from 1994-1996. So many great memories. A piece of my heart will always be in Italy.

  8. Judy Johns

    Amazing pictures. I started tearing up at the first one and was sobbing at the end. I have a grandson in Argentina, and I am so proud of all the missionaries selflessly serving to bring the Gospel to the world. Both my husband and I are missionary converts and are so grateful for the church and this inspired missionary program.

  9. Linda Williams

    I loved seeing these pictures!!!!! So inspiring..I LOVE seeing the missionaries out and about and sharing the Gospel…Thank you to all for your service and devotion..I am a convert…..19 years now..But still very exciting……

  10. Sandy Hollifield

    What a blessing to see all these young missionaries teaching the gospel under so many different situations. I love the gospel and am blessed every day by the teachings and experience given me because of the things I know and believe. May the Lord continue to bless our missionaries as they sacrifice for others.

  11. Frank Brady

    The pictures are great and inspiring. Can you tell me on what West Indies island picture #2 was taken? I was baptized in Antigua 27 years ago while I was stationed there in the US Navy. That room looks exactly like the room where I was confirmed.


  12. Kathryn

    What a nice tribute! So glad I could find them through LDS Living.

  13. Kristy Mortezazadeh

    I was so excited to see a picture of my boy in one of your photos!!!! His friend had found your sight and let me know that his picture was on there. It brought me a lot of joy to see him in action on his first day in Italy!! This did my heart good, I am grateful this was one of the photos you chose to post. Loved it!!!!!

  14. Andre Eidler

    Awesome snapshots! Each missionary has a special place to serve designed from the Lord, as I had mine. How a special and priceless time to learn about love, service, be a true disciple of God, having the Holy Spirit guide for 24 hours a day.
    Now it’s time to go on, strength your testimony with these marvelous experiences and continue doing good where you live, keeping the legacy of faith in your own family you are building. Cause your mission never ends here.
    God be with you Till we meet again

  15. Melody Witehira

    Hi there, Thank you so much for a heart felt joyous start to my day. I believe I was inspired by the Holy Ghost to check out this sight. I have been pondering what to speak on next week-end at a Sacrament service for a Stake Young Women’s Camp themed MTC as we commonly understand as Mission Training Center but on this occasion (Moving Towards Christ). The whole purpose of the camp is that our young women 14-18 are to receive a call to serve a mini mission, a companion, zone etc for the space of 4 days. I thank you for the photos and the insight that has been shared here which has inspired me to shared with our young women and their leaders at this service. I love the little message responses and this also has inspired me to seek out some local photos and message to share. I love this gospel, I did not get to serve the Lord through a mission call but I totally understand and believe that we each have opportunities to serve missions with in all aspects of our life through the doing of the teaching of our Savior Jesus Christ and His example, there is none greater to follow. With the application of Faith Hope obedience and Endurance we are all missionaries. Thank you again and love the poem posted something I have not done for a long time.

    • Thomas Swain

      Thank you so much for coming to see mission geek, the response has been overwhelming. I’ve been working on this project for almost two years and so many times I’ve wondered “will I ever make a difference?”. This month over 90,000 unique visitors came to the site and I’m working on lots of new content to inspire and motivate missionary service and gospel sharing. Please feel free to share and use any of the content found on the site at your missionary training camp. I worked at the MTC for years and understand that we need better prepared missionaries, more engaged and focused. Mission Geek is accessible to them online, anywhere, anytime, so it gives them an opportunity to be reminded on their phones, tablets, computers of missionary success and impact. Let me know if I can do anything to help you make that camp more impactful for those youth. 🙂 God bless you! [email protected]

  16. Margaret Brown

    I was baptised 50 years ago in New Haven Connecticut. I may have been the only convert for those two young men. It might seem less significant than it really is , but when you think of the 5 children I had and their childrens’ families and so on for many generations, a single baptism can mean a significant eventual contribution to the church. If you labor 2 years for the gospel and get just one convert, that convert will bring many, many people to the church, and it really is because of the one missionary who started it all. I am thankful to the young man Elder Brent Stratton who sacrificed two years of his life and baptised me. The eastern United States was a difficult mission at that time, I’m sure, and I had never even heard of the Mormon church at that time. A friend, a fellow dietetic intern, Ann Bagley from Bountiful, Ut was a great member missionary who introduced me to the missionaries. I am so grateful for her willingness to open her mouth and invite us to hear misionaries from her church. There were three of us who listened, but only one who joined, but this one has remained a faithful member all her life.

    • Michael Noel

      Hello Margaret
      I read your comment last night and realized Brent Stratton is a friend of mine. He wants to get in touch with you. His phone number is (801) 809-4110 cell. You can text him there.
      Mike Noel


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