This has to be one of the most unexpected mission calls ever!

Michael Trout, like so many LDS boys, spent his last few years of high school deciding if he wanted to go on a mission. He knew his parents would be supportive either way, but of course, they knew it would be a wonderful opportunity for him.

Half way through Michael’s freshman year at college something changed, but he wasn’t going to let his parents know that. He spent the next few months lying low as he saved, visited doctors, dentists and filled out bundles of papers to serve a mission for, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. All in an attempt to surprise his parents with a real mission call!

He’d previously informed his home teachers (who was actually their Bishop) of his secret, and they set him up for a slam dunk! I won’t tell you where he’s serving, just watch and enjoy!

(Skip forward to 0:57 to still see it all)


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