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Come here for a second, now listen up!

Whatever you think a mission is all about, however good or bad or difficult you think it’ll get, whatever grand expectations you have for it: it is 10 times better, harder, more exciting and life changing than you think. And if we’re perfectly honest it’s probably closer to a hundred times anything you can imagine.




My mission was simply the best thing in the world! Missionary work is the greatest work with the greatest blessings, and the greatest opportunities and the greatest experiences life could offer anyone. (Period).

ARE YOU EXCITED YET? Well you should be. I am, and I still have 20 years left until my next one. Ponder this!

“You just can’t do anything more important than to redeem someone’s sins, to purify their souls and send them on to glory in the promised Celestial Kingdom… You can’t do anything more important than that”.  (Elder Jeffery R. Holland an address to the Missionaries of the North Carolina Raliegh Mission March 1997 pg 3-4)




I second that! This work is super important to God, to your investigators, and hopefully it will mean everything to you. If I were behind this page right now, I would look you into your eyes and I would tell you that my mission meant everything, means everything and will continue to burn within me forever. It changed my life in so many wonderful ways I would have never thought possible.




The refining challenge of working every day to bring souls to Christ, will deepen your joys, expand your vision and give you peace that surpasses all understanding. I can promise you that. A mission is an opportunity to feel the Savoir’s love so deeply and so profoundly, that there is no turning back.

So before you go I want you to know, that I think you are amazing and capable of doing incredible things on your mission. In my minds eye, I can see you out there in the streets, on someone’s door step or in someone’s living room, testifying with power and with conviction about the divinity of the Savior and the origins of His Church.




You’ll be changing lives, whilst changing your own and passionately seeking the lost ones, on: dead end streets, long summer afternoons and cold winter mornings. And for that, I love you and so many you teach will come to love you too!

Take a look at the photo of the missionaries above. It’s their first day in Italy and they have no idea who’s waiting for them on the street just ahead of them. How many people do you think grew in faith that day? Or found hope? Felt something good? Saw something bigger? Remembered something they’d lost?

Is there anything better than seeing hope restored in the eyes of God’s children?




The second thing you have to know is that God loves you. He absolutely does. He has prepared for you a perfect mission, custom tailored to your spiritual identity. He knows who you want to become and he’s made a way for you to get there.

God creates everything ‘spiritually before physically’ so the blue prints for your success as a missionary are already laid. You were literally born to do this.

Your call comes from the Lord and it is a sacred symbol of His awareness of you, His love for you and His confidence in you. This is His church! You are His missionary! He will guide, protect, teach and coach you through this! Over one million missionaries have already proven that, with God’s help incredible things are possible…. even miracles.

For these reasons, and for a thousand others, will you do me a favor?

JUST DO IT! and for the next 18 to 24 months, go out and give it everything you have, run the race all the way to the end. Leave everything out in the field. Love the people to death and I promise you that you’ll never regret it, not once, not ever!


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