They’ve been called weird, awkward, and even strange. But mostly they are just trying to figure out how to “come home”. In LDS Culture, there’s a lot of talk about going out on missions. That may be the easy part. But for many young men and women, coming home and readjusting to life can be a huge challenge.

In the July 2015 Ensign, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced it will release a new program called My Plan. The program is set to launch in August.

According to the website for the program, “missionaries will use My Plan to set and achieve goals and consider how a mission can become a spiritual foundation for a righteous, successful life. As missionaries complete their service, they will use My Plan to finalize a post-mission plan that can be shared with parents and leaders”.

The program has eight learning experiences: one to be completed before going to the MTC, one halfway through a missionary’s service, and six during a missionary’s final transfer as part of personal study.

“Coming home from a mission can be hard for some people,” said Frank Young who served in the Ukraine Donetsk Mission. “I think this resource is really going to help recently returned missionaries have a smoother transition”.

If you’re struggling with adjusting back home, feel free to shoot me an email and we can chat—[email protected]

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Lindsey served in the California Riverside Mission, Spanish-speaking. She now studies journalism at BYU. You can find her on Instagram, @lindseybwilliams, or on Twitter, @lindsey5brooke.

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