We’ve all seen it: the cute umbrella shot, the missionary tag in the sand, an infected foot and about a million shoes with holes in them. But what about a photo that captures the essence of a mission, not just any mission, but your mission. How do we take one of those?

Get it right and that’s the photo you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Why? Because it takes you back to, not just ‘the best two years’, but ‘Your, best two years’.

These five simple ideas will help you take that shot.

1: Capture your personality and the personality of your companionship.

2: Capture the individual/family behind the white baptismal clothes.

3: Capture the uniqueness of the environment you serve (always with someone in the photo).

4: Capture yourself day-to-day at work (the awesome stuff and the fails)

5: Capture the different, bizarre, unordinary, unique and ‘unlike home’. Get yourself in that photo, make it a selfie if you need to (but make sure your badge is in that photo too so everyone knows you’re on your mission).

These kinds of photos will not only better help you to record your mission, but they’ll also produce higher visibility on social media when you post them, which is such a huge missionary tool.

If you are in a mission that allows blogs, social media accounts and so on, post a couple of awesome photos every week. You’ll never know the impact you might have.

So enough of me rambling on. Just check out these photos and borrow all the ideas you like.

20+ of the most Crazy Creative Mission photos.


IMG_3632 Local stuff, so cool!

Christmas Ball
 Super creative christmas shot

img1374800546 So awesome, creative temple. Could try with an outdoors baptism

luke smith 8

Maybe you like it, maybe not. But it’s really well done.





Awesome local stuff with people shot #keeper





Random… copy the billboard. #making memories




This Tahitian missionary is so funny, this is his personality.




Cape Verde Mission

Capturing feelings





Everyday local



Fun and local




Getting everyone in the shot




dan on bike

Personality plus!



we got a text saying it was finished! haha

So clever! (but get your camera on a timer with a comp next time).



Get some emotion in there!





Upside down selfie… why not?





In 20 years you’ll just not remember this moment without a photo.




I like it! Look how he got himself into a flood photo.




Local, local awesome + personality.




Hey, if he can take your weigh, go for it!




Nice, ‘set up’ shot. Awesome!






This is a Provo MTC ironing board must!





Doing something together? photo it!



How excited is our district? Show the world!


Reached the top? Let everyone know!



Fun! Exciting, local environment.




Oh, clever reflections.





We were told to be random… look anything can happen. (Note: I’m in this one)



Alice Elder Clark

Local people, working missionary.



Kakinada India-0280

So lucky to get this shot. People, missionary, working.





One… two… snap! Be ready!


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Got any missionary photos you don’t mind sharing? Send them though to: [email protected]


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