It all started on a Tuesday afternoon. I’d just found out that a missionary in my home ward was taken to hospital for a minor operation. I was told that he’d be out of the field for at least a week.

Only a few hours later I was packing a bag and my journey as a missionary was about to continue. I knew I was going to be put to the test. Would I be as good a missionary as I thought? Would I really be more effective with what I knew now?

This video will take you around my four day mission adventure with a real companion and a working area. Get ready for the painfully truthful account of my New Zealand mini mission.


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    Marcia Mitchell

    Thanks so much for sharing that video. We are so proud of Chuk (Elder Mitchell) and the great work he is doing. I appreciate you taking 4 days of your life to go and serve with him. The Lord will truly bless you for your service.

    Much love to you,
    Marcy and Evan Mitchell (Elder Mitchell’s parents)

  2. Gillgeorge@clear.netnz'
    Gill George

    OMGosh! Wish u well. U are in our ward.. Unless your comp has moved out. I’m in Abu Dhabi. God bless. Gill


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