If you don’t know, John Bytheway is THE heavy weight LDS youth and YSA speaker. In his 30+ years of gospel teaching he’s spoken at hundreds of events and written over 20 books.

I was blessed to catch up with him last night, after a fireside he gave to youth and YSA in New Zealand. After we talked for a bit, I asked him “John, what do you think about missionary work?”

John served a mission in the Philippines, so I was keen to hear his thoughts. He paused for a moment, to think carefully about his response. He leaned in and simply said “What we have is too wonderful not to share”.

I was a little humbled by that simple statement. How true!!! That’s it in a nutshell. Why do we do missionary work? Because we want others to experience this too. I mean, when you watch awesome movies,  try delicious new  food or just find an amazing new person: you want to share this with your friends.

If the gospel isn’t wonderful to you, ask yourself “Am I living it?”, “Have I given it a try?”

I’ve got to thank John for that simple statement, because it’s made me think. The next time I get asked about my beliefs or feel impressed to share my faith, I will. Why? Because what I have is too wonderful not to, and who knows how much more wonderful it could make somebody else’s life.

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