Audio Book Segment Release

Oh my gosh! Has this been the project of a lifetime. I’ve given up like four times already and yesterday I found grey… I know! Grey hair?!?!

But we’re so close and THANK YOU for coming on this journey with me. This book is autobiographical (my story) literally packed with important missionary lessons that MTC’s just don’t have time to teach, and believe me, I know because for the five years I taught and managed the New Zealand MTC, I wanted to teach so much more, but time is sooooooo tight.

So why not take it one more step and learn through some of my mission mistakes¬†stories, that will certainly help you identify a pattern of success and a recipe for miracles. Here I’ve posted a quick sample of what the audio version will sound like. It’s just 4 mins long and will give you a taste of what’s to come.

Just to set the scene for you, I’m in a tiny country on the fringe of the Amazon rain forest and I’ve just been driven over an hour through dense jungle to my area. It’s my first night ‘in the field’. I’m not used to the heat and everything feels like I’ve just stumbled into a national geographic magazine. I have no idea what my brand new companion’s got ¬†up his sleeve. Listen to find out what happens next.