MissionGeek.net is about teaching and training in a fun and more relatable online environment. My vision is to have more pre-mission peeps motivated to prepare, with the ability to access how. Sharing the content of this site is key to achieving this goal.

With social media becoming rapidly the number one way we interact, I feel like it’s time that the opportunities for mission preparation ‘catch-up’ and give people a better chance to learn a few things to help them hit the mission field running.

Hi, I’m Tom, the creator of missiongeek.net. I’m a return missionary and former five year language specialist with the Missionary Training Centre, New Zealand. I’ve trained thousands of missionaries and have come to understand their fears, concerns, strengths and weaknesses. I’ve trained people from more than fourty countries and have worked with missionaires in more than twenty.

This houses the projects of GEEKMINIT, GEEKBUZZ and GEEKICLES which both all designed to keep pre-mission peeps interested and motivated to continue the process of preperation right up to those MTC doors. I know that better prepared missionares become more effective servants with a more profound ability to fulfil their purpose and change lives.

If you’re a writer, artist, photographer then I’d love to hear from you. If anyone else out there is keen for the cause then please donate. Email: [email protected]

With most humble gratitude that you made it to the end of my my ramblings,